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Cardone University Presented by Certified Cardone Coach Gretchen Westerhoff

Why Cardone University?

Over 1 billion lessons taken and 400,000 active users

Used by Ashley Furniture,  Allstate, Microsoft, Audible, BMW, Twitter, Google, Chrysler, Facebook, Ford, Honda, Salesforce, US Army and much more!

Train yourself and/or your team to become highly skilled in sales and marketing

  • The #1 Business Training Platform in the World.

  • Over 800 video courses with topics including: cold calling, follow-up, overcoming objections, closing, negotiating, getting attention in the market and much more.

  • ​24/7 Unlimited  Access.

  • In-House Coaching Team.

  • Access to a Certified Cardone Coach to help your company one-on-one tackle the challenges of this new economy.

  • Accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  Designed with your convenience in mind.

  • Trusted training by some of the largest companies in the world

Taking training where your business has gone...ONLINE

Accessibility is Key

Must Be Short

Must Be Relevant

Must Be Measurable


Sales Meetings Management-Led Training

Sales Training and Certification Paths

Sales Solutions


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Sales Training for Every Topic

Sales Person Onboarding Training

Real-Time Reporting

Case Studies

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