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Merchant Processing

Your business donors can legally redirect a portion of the payment processing fees they already pay today from the bank to a nonprofit of their choice, at no additional cost to them.  This is how it works:

  1. You register for free with our company.

  2. We provide marketing collateral and a unique link assigned to the nonprofit that allows the nonprofit to recruit businesses to support their cause.

  3. You recruit businesses that want to support your organization.

  4. Businesses change payment processors (this is entirely free to businesses).

  5. Funds are redirected to your nonprofit passively in perpetuity.

Click HERE schedule a meeting to register your nonprofit for FREE.

Target Supporter(s): Businesses

Passive Donations via Gamification

This is a passive listing service that allows your organization to create a campaign that businesses can choose to support, and consumers are incentivized to promote.  It is helpful for your organization to have a strong social media presence for this to be successful.  This is how it works:

  1. You register your organization for free and start a campaign.

  2. You connect with businesses already on the platform and leverage their deals to drive donations.

  3. Consumers share your campaign on their social media.

  4. Donations are directed to your organization in perpetuity.


To learn more and/or register your organization on this platform for FREE, contact us HERE.

Target Supporter(s): Consumers, Businesses

Playing Video Games

$120k a Year in Free Ad Spend

Google has made $120k in free PPC ad spend available to 501c3 organizations to help promote their mission and purpose and drive donations.  If you have yet to apply for your Google Grant, we have a team of experts the specialize in getting grant approval and on-going ad management.  This is how it works:

  1. You/we apply for the Google Grant (depends upon your approach).

  2. Ad spend is approved.

  3. Our partner manages ad spend on your behalf, driving donors to your website.

  4. You passively receive donations directly to your organization.


To learn more about how we can help you be successful leveraging the Google Grant, contact us HERE.

Target Supporter(s): NA

All Natural Products

Donors can support your organization by purchasing products they already do today though a product partner that provides better, safer, more natural solutions made from biodegradable ingredients.  5% of all product sales from donors is re-directed to your organization as a donation.

To learn more about how we can help you get approved, contact us HERE.

Target Supporter(s): Consumers

Natural Products Shop
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Employee Retention Credit

If your organization has W2 employees, you too are eligible for the Employee Retention Credit worth up to $26k per employee!  THIS IS NOT an income tax credit, but rather a refund of payroll taxes you’ve already paid into the system.  There are no upfront fees; but you will be invoiced for 15% of the total balance of refund we secure for you. 

To learn how much your organization is eligible to receive, click HERE.

Target Supporter(s): NA

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