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How to donate to your favorite cause at no cost to your business doing what you're already doing?

Updated: Jan 25

Did you know that a portion of your merchant processing fees can legally go to a registered 501c3 without any additional cost to your business? In fact, you can actually SAVE money by funding your favorite cause! See the rate comparison chart at the bottom of this mail.

See what business owners are saying…

“I used to write a check for about $1000 a year to my charity. Now my business has given tens of thousands that used to go back into the system in fees. It’s so important to me as a person to support a cause I believe in. This makes me feel very responsible.” - Charlie DePue, DePue & Co

If you’d like more information on how you can give back passively using the overhead cost you're already paying, book a free consult with our experts HERE.

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