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Supercharge Your Social Part 6: How to Make it Easy for Your WHO to Re-share Your Messages

Re-sharing messages on social media is not a new concept. Brands have been asking people to re-share messages for years, but it just hasn’t fully caught on, especially in the small business space. Why? Check it. We just learned that even if we follow a brands Facebook business page, that any given post will only be served to 7-12.5% of the people that follow that page. So, let’s say Brand X asks you to share a post on Facebook and Instagram. You will have to go out to Facebook, find their business page and manually share the message. Then go into Instagram, find the post and re-share it there too. That is a lot of work. People have the best of intentions and truly want to help but we live in an ADD culture and frankly finding and sharing a social post takes time and attention, two things we don’t really have a lot of anymore. Not exactly a recipe for success, especially if you are looking to have multiple people re-share. So how do you solve for this?

Can you have your advocates re-share social messages for you manually? 100% yes! But it is logistically challenging and thus does not boast a high adoption rate among ambassadors, even if they have agreed to re-share your message. But there are options. A new platform has hit the market called Crowdshare.

It is not only a social media management and scheduling tool similar to your Hootsuite’s and Buffers of the world, but it’s special sauce allows you to connect your advocates to your brands social media so that when you push a post to your business page(s), it automatically sends a push notification to your advocates prompting them to share to one or all platforms right from the app on their phone with no searching or digging on specific social platforms.

You can see how something like this can go viral on social media very quickly with the right people empowered to share your businesses message.

How does it work? It allows you to create your post just like you would on Facebook or Instagram, including photo and video templates (like Canva) and editors so you can use stickers, insert text on pictures, etc. That’s one expense you can eliminate if you’re paying for Canva. You can post to feeds or stories and schedule your posts in advance so if you’re using a social scheduler that is another cost you can eliminate.

Go to to get a free demonstration of the platform and use the code "JENVERMA" at checkout to get 30% off subscription prices at

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