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Cause Marketing

Cause-based marketing is on track to be a $20B business by 2025

  • 1.5 million Non-Profits are competing to attract scarce dollars.

  • Millennials are driving businesses to pay more attention to solving the world’s charitable problems.

  • ​Businesses are clamoring to make a difference and stay relevant with consumers.

Click HERE to learn all of the ways your can tap into cause-based marketing.

Reduce Taxes with Specialized Incentives

When the government wants to incent consumers and businesses to adopt certain behaviors, they pass legislation that provides tax credits, deductions and refunds that can mitigate part or al of your tax obligations.


Click HERE learn more about the different incentives available and determine if your business qualifies.

Kitchen Staff

On-Demand Staffing

Think UBER meets co-employment...

The Gen Z generation demands more flexible and autonomous professional arrangements which has lead to the rise of the gig-based economy and the need for an on-demand workforce...a real-time bench of trained workers to fill open shifts with sophisticated tracking technology. 

Instead of letting your trained staff resign, convert them to an on-demand platform to allow them to pick up shifts as their schedule allows.


Click HERE to learn how to solve your staffing shortage.

Supercharge Your Social Media with Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing is the most powerful way to get organic exposure for any business. Social Toaster reported that 2020 was the year of Advocacy marketing. They found that “On average, brands generate a 650% ROI for every dollar invested in influencer and advocacy marketing.”


Click HERE to learn more about how advocacy marketing can help grow your business.

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Employee Retention Credit

If your organization has W2 employees, you too are eligible for the Employee Retention Credit worth up to $26k per employee!  THIS IS NOT an income tax credit, but rather a refund of payroll taxes you’ve already paid into the system.  There are no upfront fees; but you will be invoiced for 15% of the total balance of refund we secure for you. 

To learn how much your organization is eligible to receive, click HERE.

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